The Collage Visit

I had a little bit of fun on the collage trip to BVU. I think the best part of the trip was the ice cream, they had ice cream in the cafeteria. I had 2 ice cream cones. The bus ride there and back was pretty fun, the wifi sucked though. we got to see a dorm, they are really small at BVU. Also we got to see a building that has a whole lot of animals (they aren’t real though). They had fishes and zebras, I got a picture with my head in a gators mouth. I would have went to Iowa state because there lunch was good they had curly fries and subway. BVU’S lunch sucked horribly the pizza was burnt and the hamburgers were gross too. The only thing i ate was the ice cream. I would like to go to South Carolina for collage because it is warm and winter is pretty short there. I think college will be fun because you get to live alone or with room mates, and you don’t have 7 hours of class every day. They also have better food than our school here which will be awesome. That is all about our trip and where i want to go to collage.

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My Genius Hour Project

My goal on my genius hour project is to build a volcano and do it good. I hope it comes out right where me and my partner get an A+. We are going to build a big volcano that erupts in front of the class. It is going to look realistic because we are going to put a bunch of effort in to it, we are going to name it MT. Dew. My partners never built a volcano before, I did in 6th grade but it wasn’t that big it was just supposed to be a little project, But this one is going to be big. I know a little bit on how to make it, like the eruption and what you need. When i was in 6th grade my dad made some of it so this time it’s only going to be me and my partner doing it. We look on some videos on how to make it so it won’t be that hard, but making it takes a lot of time. The paper mache  is really wet so it might not look right on the newspaper. This is important to me because when i made it in 6th grade it wasn’t a good one but this I plan on it being really really big. Also the eruption is  pretty good it does’t do anything but burst out of the volcano then drizzle down the volcano. Those are my goals and how I am going to accomplish them, and why I am going to do this.

download                                         Volcano facts link