Genius Hour

I am doing a volcano with brooks. I have learned all kinds of volcanoes like flat volcanoes and i know how to make them to. I am thinking of asking Mrs. Eggers to help us on the facts if she can. We are going to make 2 volcanoes brooks will make one with smoke and I will make one that erupts. I have learned that I am a good learner because I know what to do a lot of the times and i pay attention. We have been doing facts on all volcanoes and we have done 12 facts on our site. Also we have done a website for all our facts and pictures and how to do it. That is all on our website, the website address is right there ⇒ Nelson and brooks website. We have not made our volcanoes yet but we now what we are doing. We are doing 2 volcanoes 1 is going to erupt the other is going to smoke. You use baking soda and vinegar for it to erupt and you have to wrap a ping pong ball in tin foil and light it on fire (it doesn’t get on fire it is just smoke). You have to use newspaper to form the volcano, then you use a pvc pipe to make a whole for the eruption, and then you use paper machete to keep it the way it is then you paint it, and after that you just you make it erupt. You have to do that to both volcanoes. That is all you have to do to make a volcano.f91f07368ab73ffbafad45151bb1023b

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